A new project for Maggie.

Robby has a new fetish.

The American Principles Project is Robert George central these days. It was APP that orchestrated the recall of three Iowa judges who adhered to the Iowa constitution to effect marriage equality.

Indeed, APP spawned George’s Innocence Project. It seemed to exist solely to perpetuate the myth that gays pose a threat to children. This was the theme of George’s National Organization for Marriage campaign for Proposition 8 in California and Question One in Maine the following year. Meanwhile, the Innocence Project was raining down extreme homophobia against Kevin Jennings‘ appointment to the Department of Education. George made a video and there were polemics; all claiming that Jennings was a threat to the innocence of children. I think that we all know what that dog whistle really means.

These days, that venue is devoid of anything homophobic     at least for anything publicly viewable on its website. While decidedly conservative, they are anti-choice and Robby offers his views that sex education compromises parental rights. Nothing about gays trying to get into little Timmy’s pants.

Meanwhile, our friend, Maggie Srivastav (better known as Gallagher) seems to have devoted at least some of her energy to the Maggie Report which is another APP endeavor (APP registered and owns the web domain). The “report” consists of a poorly constructed web site with barely a homophobic nuance. It is devoted to anti-choice and Christians as victims of, well, something.

Of course, with some distance from Robert George, Maggie-poo is still turning key-winders at NOM and her Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. Interestingly, imapp.org now points to marriagedebate.com. Nevertheless, Ms. Srivastav is as obsessed with gay people as she ever was. Simply stated, she is a bigot.

So what is Robby’s new fetish you ask? Why it is a return to the gold standard. Good old Ron Paul, Austrian School nuttery that would create worldwide insolvency and havoc. The Austrian School guys are dead and Robert George is not an economist. Dr. Barry Eichengreen, on the other hand, is very much alive and he is an economist; With a Ph.D. from Yale, he holds an endowed chair in economics at UC Berkeley. He has written several books on the subject and explains how the gold standard led to the great depression. Who really cares what some theist thinks about economics? Is Robert George a modern day Father Charles Coughlin?

It is a reasonable certainty that Robert George is still the same Opus Deist, anti-gay whack job that he has been for more than a decade. Simply stated, he is a bigot. While the gold standard craziness is associated with libertarians, even George must realize that he is a Christianist     not a libertarian. In June, he unsuccessfully tried to intellectualize opposition to marriage equality in New York. He tortured logic to secularize his obvious aversion. Ironically, his correspondence to the New York Senate was executed on the stationery of the Witherspoon Institute which is an Opus Dei front group that George founded.

Is it possible, however, that George is trying to soften his image? If so, why? Perhaps he is trying to posture as a social conservative rather than  the irrational religious fanatic that he is. The hate group, “Family” Research Council, no longer lists its trustees on its website. However, their most recent report filed with the Internal Revenue Service continues to list Robert George as a Director. A number of people, including me, have been putting pressure on Princeton University’s president, Shirley Tilghman. Perhaps George just figures that a more moderate Mitt Romney could upset Obama. I am sure that he would like to be a visitor to the White House again.

At the end of the day, I don’t give a rodent’s rear what George is up to. The only thing I care about is that Robert George is an intellectually dishonest anti-gay bigot.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.