The RSS teaser to an article in OneNewsNow begins; 

A pro-family advocate is explaining what the nation’s largest homosexual activist group requires of the companies it praises in its buyer’s guide.

They are, of course, referring to Peter LaBarbera     Christian warrior. “Pro-family?” Undoubtedly, only a few decades ago, the same Christian fundamentalists would have described a segregationist as “pro-family.” The self-aggrandizing term was as meaningless then as it is now because “family” is a diverse concept. It includes the single parent with his or her children. It  also includes same-sex couples, perhaps with children. “Family” is a construct that Mr. LaBarbera does not get to define. But I digress.

In the aforementioned ONN article, Mr. LaBarbera wants us to know that he disapproves (mightily) of transgender individuals; sex reassignment surgery and the companies that pay insurance premiums to provide sex reassignment surgery for their employees. Mr. LaBarbera also disapproves of the Human Rights Campaign and the directory that they compile of the LGBT policies of America’s largest companies. Oh, and Mr. LaBarbera also disapproves of consumers who would use such a guide to prefer the goods and services of companies with LGBT friendly policies     encouraging people to do just the opposite. As he states, his umbrage extends to Apple, Chevron, General Mills, American Airlines, Kellogg, Sprint, Levi
Strauss, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Whirlpool, Xerox, Raytheon, and Office
Depot. Those are just some of the companies that extended the benefit in the past year.  Yet, when it comes to opprobrium, Peter LaBarbera is just getting started.

With respect to transgender individuals and sex reassignment surgery, there are a few things that I would like LaBarbera to know:

  1. Roughly one in every 1,000 newborns has some form of genital or gender ambiguity. The vast majority of sex reassignment surgery is performed on infants.
  2. Transgender individuals are not in conflict with society. They are in conflict with their own bodies.
  3. Mr. LaBarbera is not qualified to offer opinions on sexual identity. He is neither a scholar nor a consumer of scholarship on the matter.
  4. LaBarbera’s disapproval is irrelevant. The overwhelming majority of our citizens don’t seek nor care about his approval.

Pete and his ilk would have people believe that the world is approaching end times; that we are in moral decay and that our civilization is in decline. The reality is that our civilization is becoming better informed (perhaps, less ignorant). Society advances with advances in science and medicine.

We no longer believe that the earth is flat or revolves around the sun. We stopped burning witches a couple of centuries ago. For the most part, we even stopped using leaches. Imagine that, Peter. Imaging that.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.