National Organization for Marriage’s institutional culture is not defined by any of the usual values. Quality and service are definitely out the window. NOM’s culture is clearly defined by their financial activity in Iowa.

According to the latest Federal Election report, NOM has spent at least $80,000 opposing Ron Paul. NOM’s financial strategy is simple and simplistic:

Regardless of prudence NOM’s campaign budget is dedicated to punishing anyone who defies them.

In this case, Ron Paul was the only top tier Republican contender who refused to sign NOM’s marriage pledge. Ron Paul is not advocate of marriage equality and no friend of the LGBT community. His position is that the states should each be able to decide whether or not to recognize “gay marriage.” Indeed, Paul’s policy, if enacted, actually frustrates marriage equality to a far greater degree than signatories to the NOM pledge which calls for a constitutional amendment; something that has no chance of success     over the many years required for ratification.

If their blog posts are any indication, NOM desires Rick Santorum to win the Iowa caucus. Rather than spending money as supporters of Santorum,they prefer to spend it in opposition. Paul has no chance of ever being the Republican nominee     let alone President. This is about sending the message that NOM is to be feared.

This meme did not originate with Brian Brown. Apparently, this started with NOM founder     Robert George. After all, it was George, through his American Principles Project that orchestrated the removal of three Iowa judges who had the temerity to adhere to the strict construction of the state’s constitution. Removing these judges changes absolutely nothing regarding “gay marriage.” They spent a tremendous amount of money to send their message of fear.

Interestingly, this speak volumes about George. For one thing, he is not much of an organizational leader (and it shows). An effective leader would have focused on the positive; getting their subordinates to focus on rewarding politicians who voted as they preferred.

Ironically, that is precisely what Mike Bloomberg did to get New York Republican legislators to vote in favor of marriage equality. Oh, and Mayor Mike has run a thing or two. Aside from the City of New York, a multi-billion dollar media empire.

On the subject of New York, Brian Brown’s immediate reaction to the positive vote on marriage equality was to pledge $2 million to oppose Republican Senators who voted with the majority. That is $2 million that they don’t seem to have. All that they will accomplish is to supply the “abra cadabra” to turn Republican seats into Democratic seats. Not to mention that the potential to ever reverse same-sex marriage in New York is probably less than the potential for a traffic-free entrance to the Midtown Tunnel tolls.

OK Brian, NOM, Robby; We get it. You are pissed off and taking names. Good luck with that strategy.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.