People who know me also know that I love a good argument, regardless of whether or not I agree with it. Conversely, I absolutely loathe     detest     an intellectually dishonest argument. National Organization for Marriage frequently provides the latter as they torture logic to obfuscate their religious agenda.

Thomas Peters is, apparently, one of NOM’s in-house geniuses. Hey, what do you expect of someone working for the National Organization for Marriage? Today, he wrote a polemic in the NOM blog titled Dying Meme Alert: Redefining Marriage Won’t Stimulate New Jersey’s Economy. Therein, he makes the idiotic claim that “Maggie Gallagher has already debunked the false argument that gay marriage is an economic stimulus plan.” It isn’t and she didn’t!

Nobody has ever made the preposterous argument that marriage equality is an “economic stimulus plan” so NOM is trying to rebut something that does not exist in the first place. Furthermore, nobody has suggested that the economic benefits are a prime reason to enact marriage equality. What I have said and what others have said is that common sense dictates that the more people who marry, the more wedding ceremonies. With more wedding ceremonies, more money flows into the hospitality industry, including money from out of state.

This all started with a an article in an anti-Christian, left-wing publication: Forbes estimated, in 2004, that if laws were changed to legalize same-sex
marriage in the entire
United States, the wedding industry would see “a short-term gain of prodigious
proportions” and eventually provide a nearly $17 billion boost to the economy over time. Eventually, we will know if Forbes was correct.

As for Maggie, she wrote an article last March that intentionally confused causation and correlation. She cited, among other things:

  1. Personal income growth by state for the ten years ended 2009
  2. The states that CEO’s thought would be the best and worst for business and job growth in 2009 (I have no idea how right or wrong they were).
  3. A US Chamber of Commerce report on “Enterprising States” covering 2002 to 2009.

Of course none of that does anything to prove that marriage equality is not providing an economic benefit where it is enacted. Again, it is simple common sense that the more weddings     the more money-making wedding receptions. Maggie does make one concession to reality, though:

The tiny number of liberal Northeastern states that have embraced gay
marriage tend to have high per capita incomes because they are much
older, much whiter and better educated than average. They are older, in
part, because with so little job growth, young families move elsewhere,
most likely to a state with a marriage amendment and more robust
economic growth.

 As for Peters; he needs a new hobby. Did he bother to read Maggie’s “debunking?” Did he notice that none of Maggie’s claims are linked to a source? Did he employ some critical thinking with respect to Maggie’s arguments or does he assume that anything from Gallagher is, well, “gospel?”

One thing that is unrebuttable: NOM has been at this for over four years now. In all that time they have failed to produce a single secular argument that coherently supports their claim that same-sex marriage has an adverse effect on “traditional” marriage. Even in a US court of law, they could not proffer a cogent argument, provide any evidence or introduce a single sworn witness to support their claim.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.