I have no idea who Jonathan Baker is other than the Director of NOM’s “Corporate Fairness Project.” That “project” appears to be a cheap imitation of the Human Rights Campaign‘s corporate equality project.

As a reminder to Mr. Baker and others, heterosexuals are a commanding majority that uses its majority to tyrannize LGBT people. Proposition 8 is the perfect example. Furthermore, let’s be perfectly honest about what NOM is and is not. NOM is an anti-gay hate group that functions as an auxiliary of the most extreme and fundamentalist elements within the Roman Catholic Church. NOM, it’s founders (Robert George and Maggie Gallagher) and current CEO, Brian Brown all have close ties to Opus Dei. NOM is not for anything! NOM opposes gay rights as a matter of religious faith.

NOM tries desperately to claim that they are labeled as bigots because they are “defenders” of traditional marriage.  Bullshit! NOM are labeled as bigots because they denigrate gay people. Their campaigns to obstruct same-sex marriage are, at their core, based on the theme that gay people are a threat to children. If anything, they are “defenders” of their faith.

Getting back to Mr. Baker, he has written a rather tawdry op-ed in Forbes titled Corporate Fairness Calls For Respect Of Traditional Marriages Too. We start with the fact that the title is a propositional fallacy; It falsely suggests that proponents of marriage equality are disrespectful of “traditional” marriage. things deteriorate from there.

The first thing that Baker does is to claim that former Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer, is being discriminated against because he supports traditional marriage. No. If Emmer is the recipient of opprobrium it is because Emmer is a bigot. In 2007, Emmer, then a state legislator, authored a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage and civil unions. But his biggest problem is his support of, and association with, a controversial ministry which has claimed, among other things, that Rep. Keith Ellison is advancing Sharia law through the “homosexual agenda” and that gays orchestrated the Holocaust, Emmer has had ample opportunity to sever his ties and disavow this hate group but has refused to do so.

Baker then claims that CBS is “unfair” because they wrote an amicus brief supporting the repeal of DOMA. Psychologists call that “projection.” Thereafter, he proceeds to defend Frank Turek who is having difficulty obtaining consulting work because of his extreme views. According to Baker Turek is being treated unfairly because he is opposed to marriage equality.

In point of fact, Mr. Turek is a bigoted religious maniac. He, too, has claimed that gays and radical Muslims are united in their desire to destroy our civilization. Turek in his own words:

. . . do you have to have corporate training programs to teach people that men
were made for women and that women were made for men? No! You only
need corporate training or indoctrination programs to try and cause
people to believe something they know isn’t right. You don’t need
diversity training for man-women relationships – we all know that’s the
natural way, that’s the designed way, that’s the teleological way. We
only need to be talked out of what we know is true, and that’s why we
have these corporate propaganda programs.

Jonathan Baker indulges in selective observation. Yes, Turek and Baker are opposed to marriage equality. However, both are also religious extremists who demonize gay people. It is the latter quality that causes them to be thought of as bigots. The same is true of NOM. Absent any controversy over marriage equality, they would still be obvious anti-gay bigots.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.