It’s not even fair. Peter LaBarbera simply lacks the critical thinking to make him a worthy adversary.

With the usual whack jobs (Linda Harvey, Matt Barber, Brian Camenker, Rachel Conner et al), Pete is joined by Arthur Goldberg (who is a convicted criminal) and a couple of rabbis. Porno Pete and that rabble have made their way to SPLC to protest their designation of Pete’s little band of bigots and similar organizations as hate groups. I am certain that the leaders of SPLC will be highly impressed. Ugh!

Pete quotes Patrick Wooden (a preacher who is part of the group):

[Wooden] said that the SPLC’s gambit of labeling mainstream pro-family groups
that oppose homosexual activism as “hate groups” is seriously damaging
the SPLC’s credibility. Wooden also debunked the “civil rights” analogy
used by “gay” activists, saying it is wrong to compare “my beautiful
blackness” with homosexual perversion (Pete repeated the slur).

They might as well (and probably do) call me a “fag.” And Pete wonders why he is considered a hater. The notion that Pete is “mainstream” is astonishingly moronic. Moreover, Pete is not “pro-family” (which would include our families). Oh, no! Pete is an anti-gay bigot who needs a more productive hobby.

According to Pete,anyone who thinks that gays should enjoy equal protection under the law is an evil activist. As for Mr. Wooden (who uses a phony “Dr.” honorific), Julian Bond, Ben Jealous, James Clyburn, the UNCF, the NAACP and a host of other black leaders and organizations affirm that LGBT Americans are struggling for equal civil rights. I am not sure what Pete thinks he “debunked.” I am not sure if Wooden thinks at all.

As I said, the Little Peter has become spectacularly tedious. I’ll ignore him for another month or so.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.