Kiss your WHAT?

Oakland’s Bishop, Salvatore Cordileone, is the Church’s point man on marriage inequality. While he doesn’t take personal credit, except within the hierarchy, he tends to be the anti-gay coordinator within the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Were he     and they     simply honest that same-sex marriage is offensive to their religious beliefs, their position might not seem quite so homophobic.

Instead, they torture to offer a secular argument in order to impose their religious beliefs on our government and our populace. The Church hasn’t had that kind of power in three or four hundred years.

Today, we have statements from the Bishops of Colorado and Washington State opposing civil unions and marriage equality respectively. Both statements are via Catholic News Agency. First, in Colorado:

“Nearly every benefit being sought by this legislation is already legally available to Coloradans. The truth is the movement for recognition of ‘same-sex marriage’ and ‘civil unions’ is less about benefits and rights and more about societal acceptance and approval of homosexual relationships,” they said.

 “Marriage and the family are cornerstones of every culture,” the bishops stated. “Civil unions may attempt to mirror the marital relationship, but they lack the essential fruits of marriage. The marital relationship ensures the future of society through the creation of new human life.”

Upholding the truth of marriage helps everyone by promoting “a culture where children can profit from the unique and complementary gifts of a mother and a father,” they said.

Keep in mind that the official position of The Church is that we should be “chaste.” Imagine a society with 30 or 40 million horny and celibate gay people. But I digress. They speak of our hidden agenda. I wish that the bishops would accept one simple precept:

We neither need nor seek their approval!

Then we get to the core of the bullshit. First they claim that civil unions are insufficient (I agree) but that it cannot be marriage without procreation which is utter nonsense. Then we have a variety of “every child needs a mommy and daddy.” Aside from the science affirming that gay couples make good parents, how the hell does marriage equality deny any child a mommy and daddy? Gays adopt. Gays often adopt hard to place children. Those kids, otherwise, have no mother and no father. What part of that logic is too difficult to grasp?

As for Washington, apparently, marriage equality will end civilization as we know it:

Washington bishops say push for gay ‘marriage’ undermines family

. . .

In a January 2012 statement, the bishops stressed that the “stability of society depends on the stability of family life in which a man and a woman conceive and nurture new life.”

. . .

In response to the move, the bishops explained that defining marriage in terms of the relationship between a man and a woman and its “important role” in guaranteeing future generations, the state recognizes the “irreplaceable contribution” married couples make to society.

Much of the release includes the same boilerplate which I have chosen to omit. According to their “logic,” somehow gay marriage will reduce heterosexual marriage leading to fewer children and our ultimate doom. Sure.

If the bottom line is really about children, these celibates should consider the benefits of marriage to the children of loving gay couples. Those kids surely deserve the stability and security afforded by married parents. Today, Bishop Sal has turned himself into a pretzel.

For the bishops, this isn’t about children or society. This is about religious doctrine which has no bearing on equal protection under the law     something that they, as clerics, enjoy to its fullest extent.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.