National Organization for Marriage is unhingedly obsessed over Starbucks. Maggie Gallagher and Jonathan Baker spent plenty of NOM’s money to attend Starbucks’ annual shareholders meeting as a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. And what did they get? SMACKDOWN! By now you probably know that Baker complained about Starbucks’ support of marriage equality. Starbucks’ CEO said that their support was a very easy decision to make and one that was consistent with their core values as a company. Shareholders cheered. Baker was thoroughly over-matched.

Since Wednesday, NOM’s blog has had no fewer than 14 articles about Starbucks.  My personal favorite is a screed by Brian Brown titled “Is your church serving Starbucks?” Today’s polemic by Maggie,  “Church of Starbucks” is a close second.

I am reasonably certain that Maggie and crew were thoroughly shocked by both Starbucks’ CEO and the shareholders’ reaction. They live in a very protective ultra conservative Catholic bubble and they have come to actually believe their own bullshit. So what does NOM do? They have a temper tantrum like two-year olds. You see, NOM is a bit like Scientology; They keep an enemies list. Retribution is more important to Brian and Maggie than anything approaching a meaningful path to mission. That is because NOM is run by management amateurs. These are people who have never worked for an organization that provided management development training. They don’t know what they don’t know.  Ultimately, that culture of “get even” rather than constancy of purpose will be NOM’s undoing. At first, I though that they were focusing on Starbucks to create a distraction from their loss in New Hampshire. I was wrong. They are not that smart.

NOM just spent a whole bunch of time, energy, focus and money trying to unseat a New York legislator who voted for marriage equality. All this for a seat that has already been redistricted out of existence. More importantly, they haven’t a prayer in hell of ever getting marriage equality overturned in New York. Even if they won     the lost.

While they were squandering assets in New York, they were also busy as hell trying to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire. Apparently, they cannot count. Not only did they not have a two-thirds majority to override a promised veto, they didn’t have a majority at all. They got trounced. More time, money, energy and focus lost. In the process they inadvertently proved that there is no reason to repeal marriage equality. Where are the New Hampshire victims of marriage equality? Whose “traditional” marriage was ruined over the past few years?

If all that wasn’t bad enough, Brian and the busy little bigots were in Iowa pissing away more resources. In Iowa, they need a constitutional amendment to repeal marriage equality. That requires that the bill pass in two consecutive sessions of the legislature in order to then go on the ballot.  Once again, NOM cannot count. The votes aren’t there; the votes have never been there. Moronically chanting “Let us vote!” doesn’t change the legislative arithmetic. Nor does it change the simple fact that they are years away from ever getting close to a vote. And if they did? Where are all the Iowans who have been victimized by marriage equality? All I see are religious zealots, many from out of state.

NOM has also been quite unsuccessful raising funds from the general public. The result is intense concentration with a significant portion of the operating budget coming from just five donors. If just one of them craps out, NOM becomes instantly insolvent. The question is;

How much longer will those donors continue to fund an organization run by rank amateurs whose only consistency is inconsistency?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.