Those wonderful wonders at National Organization for Marriage are now mind readers. Writing as “NOM Staff” on the NOM blog in NOM world:

The most important thing about the vote in North Carolina is that for opponents it’s not a vote on gay marriage at all. They have given up the idea they can win a referendum on gay marriage and instead are pouring millions of dollars into persuading North Carolina voters that the amendment does bad things to opposite sex couples, like taking away domestic violence protection.

As a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, NOM would presume to enshrine their religious based bigotry into a state constitution. This one     in the south and in the Bible Belt     should be a dunk into a rim that is five feet above ground. The fact that it is even competitive demonstrates that more Americans see marriage equality as social equality.

National marriage equality is inevitable.

If the bishops had any common sense (they don’t) they would realize that slowing down an inexorably certain process only makes them look even more out of touch and intolerant. Catholics support marriage equality at a rate that exceeds the general public.

What NOM is accomplishing is to relegate themselves     and the bishops     into territory occupied by whack jobs like Linda Harvey, Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.