When it comes to bloviating ignoramuses, Billy Boy can give Trump a run for his money.  Bill Donahue was at it again today. As President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Donohue is out to convince everyone that Catholic priests didn’t, and don’t, have a pedophilia problem. Oh no; their problem is the gay.

In 2010, Bill was paid $414,000 to be the chief U.S. apologist for the Catholic Church. Today, our boy Bill notes that there is little or no media coverage of the Bishops meeting in Atlanta to assess the reforms that the Church put in place ten years ago. According to Bill, that’s because they worked. More importantly, referring to some coverage in the Boston Globe, Donohue is displeased.

And even that is factually inaccurate: it mentions the problem of
“pedophile priests.” Ten years ago it correctly noted that nearly 8 in
10 victims were “post-pubescent” males. Which, of course, means we are
dealing with homosexuality, not pedophilia. The cover-up is striking.

What Bill is referring to is a report compiled by John Jay College of Criminal Justice that was cited by the Globe. It was the work of academics in clinical terms that are distant from the degeneracy and the profound effects that it had on the victims. Some of the abused are in jail while some have committed suicide. Many are clinically depressed and damaged for life. To Donohue, it’s all about numbers to be spun and manipulated. According to that report:

  • The average age of victims was 12.6 years
  • The most common category (40% of victims) was a boy between 11 and 14. 
  • 51 percent of victims, including females, were between 11 and 14 
  • 27 percent were between 15 and 17
  • 16 percent were from 8 to 10 
  • The only age group in which girls accounted for more victims than boys was ages 1 to 7, when they made up 58 percent of victims.
  • 3.6 percent of abusive priests abused both boys and girls of all ages
  • 22.6 percent abused only females
  • 64 percent abused only males. 
  • In nearly 10 percent of the reported cases, the gender of the victim was unknown.

The report did not conclude that 80% of the victims were post-pubescent. Furthermore, while a 13 year-old might be post-pubescent, he or she is below the age of consent and he or she is still a child. Raping children has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Moreover, in these cases, the priests had enormous control over the children that they abused. Those children were relatively powerless. Depraved priests used children as sex slaves. That, too, has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Almost one-fourth of the abused were eight years of age or younger! It’s enough to make one throw up.

Equally egregious is Donohue’s contention that there is some sort of gay cover-up which he called “striking.”

For decades the bishops shuffled pedophile priests from parish to parish helping them escape legal and civil liability. Meanwhile, the Archdiocese of Boston secretly made settlements with the victims of 70 priests who were still in the priesthood.  The Diocese of New Hampshire admitted that it may have violated criminal law by failing to protect children from sexually abusive priests. The bishop eventually signed a legal agreement acknowledging that New Hampshire law enforcement officials had enough evidence to win a conviction.

The Church operated like a criminal conspiracy to cover up what eventually became a national scandal. In doing so, they put pedophile priests in positions where they could molest more children.

To quote Donohue; “The cover-up is striking.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.