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Hate group leader, Tony Perkins, blames the black guy and a Jew for what he calls hostility towards religion in the Air Force. The black guy, of course, is President Obama and the Jew is the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, General Norton Schwartz.

In an email dated today, Perkins refers to the general as “Norman” Schwartz who has been Air Force Chief of Staff since August of 2008. For those unaware, Klansmen (Perkins has considerable ties to the Klan) and neo-Nazis frequently make these kinds of “typos” to make Jewish names seem more Jewish. But I digress.

Regarding President Obama, Perkins writes:

When President Obama took office, his policies had a chilling effect on religion across the military …

Sure Tony. Perkins continues

… the turning point came last year after a service-wide memo from Gen. Norman Schwartz. It was a stern warning that religious favoritism and proselytizing would not be tolerated in the Force. Instead, Gen. Schwartz urged “neutrality”–which has since turned to hostility–on faith.

So what has Perkins’ u-trou in a knot?

Assaults on religion have come in almost daily waves since then, and service members are still struggling to cope with the changes. One by one, officers started flushing God out of their everyday routines–an overcorrection that has left several airmen confused about their rights. First, the Air Force suspended a 20-year-old class on “Just War Theory” because it included scriptural reference.

Imagine that.  The General had the temerity to stop Christian proselytizing     usually by people of senior rank.  In doing so, he insures that the men and women of the Air Force enjoy freedom from religion. As for removing scripture from a war theory class, how the hell did it get in there in the first place? New Testament stuff, no doubt, that causes discomfort on the part of those who don’t happen to be Christians. Exactly why could we possibly require bible passages to teach war theory?

According to Perkins, a “Christian” airman said: “I don’t think the Air Force pushes religion on anyone. The only thing I have seen is the push to take any reference to Christianity out.” That sounds like a good thing to me if we are to have a diverse military.

Of course what really has Tony pissed is that he was disinvited to speak at a prayer breakfast at Andrews Air Force base in 2010 because of his bigotry towards gays and his reactions to the then pending repeal of DADT.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.