The Marriage Twinkie, Kalley Yanta, offers another one of those idiotic Minnesota Marriage Minute videos. This one is about the “horrors” of marriage equality these past eight+ years. Aside from simply making up their own set of facts, these nitwits have a real problem differentiating causation from correlation. Video at the bottom of the page.

  • “Massachusetts redefined marriage seven years ago.”
    • Massachusetts began issuing marriage licenses in May of 2004. 12 – 4 = 8. Massachusetts did not redefine marriage which remains the covenant of wedlock between two people.
  • “Town Clerks ordered to solemnize same-sex marriages or be fired”
    • Please! Town clerks do not solemnize marriages. They are responsible for the paperwork associated with marriage licenses. Their job description does not include interpreting the law. Otherwise we might have a clerk deciding not to provide a license to an interracial or inter-religion couple because it conflicted with religious beliefs. We expect them to do their jobs     or be fired.
  • “Catholic Charities was forced to close its adoption agency.”
    • Catholic Charities had been allowing gay couples to adopt for years. After marriage equality was effected, the bishops had a hissy fit and pulled the plug. Catholic Charities chose to close its adoption agency because the bishops commanded that they could no longer place children with gays. Shame on them!
  • As for the hapless Mr. Parker, his son brought home a “diversity bookbag” with several items in
    it. These included a book showing various types of families, including
    same-sex families. Same-sex families (and similar books) exist in every state of the union, regardless of the status of marriage equality. Parker got arrested for trespassing. Parker was determined to get arrested.
  • Third graders in Newton who, according to the claim, were subjected to being taught by a man undergoing a sex-change operation? Who knows? If true, the man was transitioning from male to female. Were he undergoing an operation he would be under anesthesia. This has nothing to do with same-sex marriage.
  • School libraries do not purchase books promoting same-sex marriage. They purchase books that include the truth about diverse family structures. I have no idea how one promotes same-sex marriage. It’s just utter nonsense.
  • That some Massachusetts schools might have pride days is irrelevant to same-sex marriage. 1) The rooster crows and; 2) the sun rises, thus; 3) The rooster causes the sun to rise.
  • As for that lesbian teacher teaching lesbian sex and the resulting NPR interview, the source for this information is a hate group called Mass Resistance. I can find no independent source and a search of NPR’s archive using the alleged teacher’s name turns up nothing

These things are easy to dissect. However, some people believe the bullshit.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.