The Center for Marriage Policy is a virulently anti-gay organization hate group that was formed in 2011. It has close ties to Phyllis Schafly and Concerned Women for America. It is run by David R. Usher and Cynthia Davis. Davis is infamous for her comments as a Missouri legislator when she attacked subsidized meals for school-age
children from low-income families claiming that
Hunger can be a positive motivator.”

Last November these two concluded that marriage equality is unconstitutional because same-sex marriage is really a form of  polygamy, with the third partner being the government     and that is the sanest part of the argument. Then they got even nuttier when Usher claimed that marriage equality is a feminist plot to collect welfare. Right Wing Watch has more on these with the caveat that     once read, this crap cannot be unread.

Yet now they have outdone themselves.

According to the fine minds of Usher and Davis, Homosexual Promiscuity: Breeding a national health problem. Therein, they provide facts and figures from such well established and credible sources as Scott Lively, Ryan Sorba, the Catholic Medical Association, Family Research Council, themselves and, of course, WND. They start out:

My basic premise is that, before I even consider the credibility of a study, the research has to be published in a respected scientific journal that submits articles to peer review. Needless to say the following doesn’t meet that criterion. The sentence about lesbian promiscuity doesn’t even make sense (read it a couple of times).

Their conclusion?

Seriously? Read those two paragraphs a couple of times. That is bat crap extraordinaire!

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.