This is the subject of an email blast from Concerned Women for America. The email continues:

I’ve just heard from a dear colleague who shared a horrifying story.

Translation: This is a “pastor’s story.” It isn’t true but it could be. The hyperbole continues:

Shortly after he and his wife dropped their daughter off at a prestigious university for her freshman year, my friend received a frantic text from his distraught daughter who had just met with her advisor to finalize her schedule.

“Dad, I’m in a Homosexual Studies class!”

Not without my daughter!

Going to a secular institution, my friend said he feared something like this might happen, but his knee-jerk reaction was to get his daughter out of there.

It literally took just hours before liberals had confronted this young Christian conservative student — overwhelming her with their radically-charged agenda.

Oh my God; Her  very soul is in peril. Time to get her out of “prestigious university” and get her ass into Bob Jones U where she’ll get a real education. After all, should his daughter learn who Harvey Milk was, well that’s just gonna ruin her for life. Lord knows     might even make her queer! Sounds to me like their religious liberty is at stake. And just look at all the Nobel Laureates who are alumni of BJU!

Were this a true story, maybe a student is complaining to her father. “There’s this woman in one of my classes who asked; do we know why Harvey Milk chose to be homosexual?”

These people are an easy target. It doesn’t take much imagination to poke them with a stick sarcastically. Yet, there is actually nothing funny about this email. The email goes on to say that it is “open season on Christian conservative women.” It sends a message that women are being sacrificed to the whims of gay people. As you might have guessed, this email is just another “gimme more money.” If the recipients ever realized just how stupid the sender thinks they are, they would be outraged. I suspect that outrage is never going to happen. CWA’s constituency needs to be reminded of just how evil the homosexuals really are.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.