We could be seeing a sea change in the way that African-American voters view marriage equality. For example, as OnTopMag.com recently reported, Public Policy Polling has determined that support for marriage equality has more than doubled in Nevada, from 21% to 47%, since the President announced his support. Moreover, the president of  PPP told OnTopMag:

We’ve now found, in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania, that black
voters have moved more toward support of gay marriage in the wake of
Barack Obama’s announcement.

The media’s been asking the wrong question – the big issue isn’t how
Obama’s stance will affect his re-election hopes – it’s how Obama’s
stance will move public opinion on gay marriage.

With respect to North Carolina,it’s worth remembering that President Obama voiced his support for marriage equality after voters approved a constitutional amendment effectively banning gay marriage.

It’s not just the President.

Obama’s endorsement was on May 9. Ten days later, the NAACP followed suit with a significant plurality. The New York Times reported that all but two of the organization’s board members, who include many
religious leaders, backed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage,
according to people told of the decision

Furthermore, National Organization for Marriage may very well have contributed to the change that we may be seeing. On March 26, it was revealed through previously secret documents that NOM was engaged in race baiting.

It became clear that blacks were being “played.” This may have added to a change in perspective     from religiosity to equal rights for an oppressed minority     among African-Americans.

Please remember:

If we want the support of the black community   

we have the obligation to reach out to them.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.