I admire David Blankenhorn.Even before he recanted his opposition to marriage equality he was intellectually honest as a witness in the Proposition 8 case. However, his organization, Institute for American Values has not progressed at the speed of its founder.  Indeed, NOM board membersd Broc Hiatt, Chuck Stetson and Robert George continue to be on the board of directors. Hiatt’s organization donated $160,000 to “Yes on 8.” For his part, Mr. Stetson warns that “… the recent legitimization of same-sex marriage in New York is perilous to the state’s fiscal future and is akin to legislating public policy against believers.” But I digress.

Today, Alana S. Newman, an official blogger, posted the following on the organization’s FamilyScholars blog:

Reproductive Predators

This morning, Public Discourse published an essay of mine
illustrating how since sex and reproduction have been separated, and
technologies like IVF have lead to the popularization of donor eggs and
gestational surrogacy, new predators are now targeting women for their
reproductive capacities. Namely, infertile women and gay men. The piece
is provocative, but when reproduction through legitimate, consensual sex
is not possible, infertile women and gay men, like the heterosexual
male sexual predators before them, may face the dilemma of using force,
monetary incentives, or facing extinction.

Ironically, this has come at a time when the organization claims to be striving for civil discourse. By the way, this piece gets worse     much worse     in its complete form at Public Discourse eg “Our gay friends and family members may now also be after our daughters’ bodies.”

For the record, Public Discourse is the blog of Witherspoon Institute which is an Opus Dei organization co-founded by Robert George. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but it does have a particular slant. It’s where Maggie Gallagher goes when she  wants to publish some anti-gay thesis without critical intervention.

It’s hard to take Institute for American Values seriously when it allows for incendiary pieces like this to be published on their blog. It is homophobic and offensive.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.