Richard Cohen is the Ex-Gay “therapy” crackpot who is, perhaps, best known for abusing furniture with a tennis racket. Warren Throckmorton came across video which links Cohen with the Unification church.
On October 7, 2012, Moon’s son and president of the Unification Church
Hyung Jin Moon held a town hall meeting at the Unification Bay Area
Family Church. Moon says: “Richard Cohen is a member in our movement who has worked on this tremendously, the whole issue.” Truth Wins Out picked up on this here.

There may be more to this story and it has a very sinister twist:

In 2010, Cohen’s International Healing Foundation reported to the IRS revenues of $108,000, a net loss for the year of $19,000 and net asset value at the end of the year of $7,000. Revenues were off by about $65,000 from the prior year.

Suddenly, in 2011, IHF reports revenues of $635,000. It turns out, if you go through the tax return, that $540,000 of this came from something called the “Special School Project.” The notion that Cohen has anything to do within spitting range of any school is downright scary.  I hope to have more on this tomorrow.

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By David Cary Hart

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