National Organization for Marriage:

Haun: The Limited Government Case Against Gay Marriage

William Haun, a lawyer in DC, makes the limited government case against gay marriage:

OK. Who the hell is William Haun? He has no Martindale bio (a basic requisite for any real practitioner). Apparently, he is William J. Haun who has the bizarre title of “policy chairman of the Young Conservatives Coalition.” YCC is all of a year old. Did this guy go to a real law school?

It gets worse:

…A society where marriage is divorced from its procreative purpose within a stable union is a society that neuters its ability to prevent predatory men from impregnating women and abandoning them and to ensure that men take responsibility for their offspring. And it denies the child an incontrovertible social benefit: a present mother and father.

Predatory men? How about precious bodily fluids? Seriously.

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By David Cary Hart

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