John Helmberger, head of the Minnesota Family Councilis one of the more strident anti-gay  voices from the Christian right. Like many of his colleagues, Helmberger is also a professional victim who clearly believes that gay people are to be relegated to the “evil pervert” corner of life. Helmberger’s latest gimme money email contains the usual boilerplate, with an interesting summation.

First of all, according to this schmuck, anti-bullying laws have nothing to do with making kids safe in school while preventing suicides. No. Uh uh. It’s all part of some grand conspiracy to victimize Christians. After all, they should be free to violently and verbally taunt gay children throughout the school day, five days a week:

They will certainly try to expand “anti-bullying” legislation to include sexual orientation. This not only is unnecessary with current state law, but it is a vehicle for pro-homosexual advocacy in the schools. And it is a muzzle on students and parents to prevent them from speaking their conscience.

Of course, everything is about the gay agenda and lifestyle which, apparently, is contagious:

We expect the left to try to mandate “comprehensive” sex education in the public schools—which emphasizes condoms, contraceptives and homosexual advocacy—to all children, starting with elementary students. This “anything goes” attitude toward sexual activity is a harmful and dangerous message for children, undermining parental values regarding sexuality and serving as a “Trojan horse” to force normalization of the homosexual lifestyle.

Helmberger in summation:

All these ideas from our opposition are, at bottom, the stuff of oppression that results in laws forcing a false equality. Applying their ideas to the economy gives us income redistribution; applied to the First Amendment, it gives us stifled speech and religious expression. Our ideas and objectives are far friendlier to individual liberty and, I believe, what Minnesotans and other Americans want.

And there you have it. Gay people are to be unequal. Otherwise Helmberger and his ilk are being oppressed.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.