Let’s clear this up. It’s easy.

Annual Operating Budget, most recent fiscal year:

American College of Pediatricians 61,438
American Academy of Pediatrics 100,924,558

Any questions? No? So what could possibly explain this from Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg regarding the policy statement from the AAP that favors marriage equality?

In any case, it is unclear whether the “Policy Statement” accurate
represents the views of any more pediatricians than the two lead authors
and the six members of the AAP’s “Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health.” It is certain that they do not speak for all
pediatricians—as indicated by the press release below, issued today by
an alternative group, the American College of Pediatricians

No Mr. Sprigg. It is perfectly clear. For a baptist minister this guy sure is full of crap.

And, of course, Sprigg has another opportunity to lie about the Regnerus study:

This is a highly misleading claim, especially in light of the research
published last year by University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus—the
most methodologically-sound research on the subject ever done, using a
large and representative population-based sample—which showed children
whose parents had a homosexual relationship suffered numerous
disadvantages compared with children raised by their married, biological
mother and father.

It’s a lie of omission because Sprigg knows perfectly well that Regnerus did not study children raised by gay couples. He studied children raised by dysfunctional families. Did I mention that, for a Baptist minister, Sprigg is full of crap?

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By David Cary Hart

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