Michelle Malkin Ate My Baby!

In 2004, on MSNBC’s Hardball, Michelle Malkin claimed that John Kerry’s Vietnam wounds were self-inflicted. There was a time in this country when such bizarre hyperbole would have ended someone’s career. Now, of course, people worship crazy figures like Ted Cruz, birthers, Louie Gohmert and The Pauls. It is in that environment that Malkin has found an outlet for her wing nuttiness that is bereft of critical thinking. Indeed, it is her willingness to say just about anything to the delight of the knuckle heads and knuckle draggers in Republican circles that makes Malkin wildly popular. Today, in Human Events, Malkin writes:

President Obama’s hometown of Chicago still goes by the old nickname “Windy City.” But after three miserable decades of strict gun control and permanent Democratic rule, Chicago has cemented its reputation as America’s Bloody City.

No amount of statistical whitewashing can cover up the stains of the left’s ideological failures there. But as Obama continues to wage war on law-abiding gun owners, his home team is trying its hardest to spread smiley-face lies upon damned lies to downplay Chicago homicide statistics.

Indeed. Chicago has has a street gang sub-culture which is at the core of the violence. What may have started with Al Capone seems to reinvent itself every few decades into organizations like the El Rukns or currently operating gangs like the Latin Kings. In fact, Chicago based gangs have become so pervasive and pernicious that out-of-state agencies, like the Florida Department of Corrections, keeps tabs on them as part of their threat assessment.

I will get to Malkin’s “war on law abiding gun owners” shortly. Later on in her article Malkin writes:

Let’s face it. Gun-grabbers in Democratic-dominated cities have an
institutional incentive to fudge the numbers. In New York City, which
rivals Chicago when it comes to out-of-control gun-control regulations, a
New York Police Department whistleblower recently exposed systemic
manipulation of crime data.

What Malkin is trying to “prove” is that gun control doesn’t make us safer and that statistics which disprove her hypothesis are made up     usually by liberals. Does she believe the mythology that gun control makes us less safe? Who knows?

President Obama is not waging a “war on law abiding gun owners.” Furthermore, there are no “gun grabbers.” No one is trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens and no gun regulation being considered would measurably affect law abiding citizens. None of this has any more validity than questions about the President’s birth certificate or the suggestion that 911 “was an inside job.” Malkin knows that she has an audience that will not question her assertions regardless of how absurd those assertions might be.

The problem (one that Ms. Malkin does not address) is that those violent Chicago street gangs have enough weaponry to invade and occupy a small country. Furthermore, gun control does not create the mechanism for its own ineffectiveness. How, exactly, does Ms. Malin think that the Gangster Disciples are arming themselves? Does she think that they have a gun factory somewhere?

The real problem is that guns are easily accessible     by the crate-load     in many parts of the country. Because there is no federal accountability it is easy for straw buyers to purchase large number so guns and then transfer the weapons to criminals. These unlicensed gun dealers are making enormous profits at our expense. In my whacked out home state of Florida, all paperwork associated with background checks must, by state law, be destroyed. Furthermore, we all know that criminals and the deranged (or frightful combinations of the two) can purchase weapons at gun shows or in private transactions without a background check.

Every gun in the hands of a criminal was originally purchased legally.

As a victim of gun violence I have become cynical. I have reached two conclusions:

  1. The NRA is actually a gun industry trade association and;
  2. The gun industry depends on the revenues from distributing their product to criminals and crazy people.

So, if Ms. Malkin is really concerned about the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens then she should be in favor of measures that will help stop the interstate commerce in weapons that wind up in the hands of Chicago drug dealers or New York City pimps. Of course, advocating for common sense has less political currency than pandering to the lunatic fringe of the conservative universe.

Ms. Malkin isn’t interested in solutions. Her interest is in exploiting problems for her own economic benefit. Shame on her. Meanwhile, law enforcement is left with the problem of disarming Chicago’s street gangs. One presumption that seem unrebuttable;

The longer we wait to stop the interstate traffic of guns to criminals     the more guns those criminals will have.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.