John Stemberger is head of the Christian extremist anti-gay group, Florida Family Policy Council. He is also head of a group called “On My Honor” which opposes scouting for all. Today, in the ever erudite Washington Times, Stemberger claims that he is trying to prevent the Scouts from “caving to [the] gay agenda. Doing so, he claims, “would trash its traditions.”

Stemberger has issues.

Stemberger, who is perhaps best known for flying his “warning” banners over Orlando, writes:

The Boy Scouts
are the victims of an aggressive, well-funded and relentless campaign
to inject sex and politics into Scouting. Homosexual-rights activists
have aggressively pushed a handful of top BSA leaders to consider changing its long-standing policy of not allowing open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts. On Friday, the Boy Scouts offered a resolution that caves to that outside pressure and could pass when the national council votes on it in May.

I have referred to this tactic in the past as “the fuck-fest meme.” It is the utterly baseless assertion that allowing openly gay boys to join the Scouts will turn the organization into the purveyor of a non-stop orgy. If that sounds familiar it might be because a similar strategy was used in an attempt to thwart the repeal of DADT. Mr. Stemberger, like so many of his fellow crackpots, is projecting. There is something in his psyche (or perhaps fantasies) that he feels endows him with special insight     and it’s not just a literal interpretation of ancient screeds.

Apparently this is all some big misunderstanding perpetrated by the liberal media:

The great irony of this is that, while on one hand, the national media claims Scouting bans homosexuals, on the other hand, they have been consistently showcasing homosexuals Scouts and leaders in uniform who have been in the program for many years, all who are claiming with a straight face that somehow the Boy Scouts do not allow them.


They want to inappropriately inject sex and politics into the BSA
program, where children as young as six years old are involved. Not on
this dad’s watch. This behavior and open homosexual conduct is exactly
what the current BSA policy prohibits, a prohibition that we as parents demand that the program reaffirm if it wants our continued support.

It’s no “irony” to people capable of even a minimal amount of critical thinking. Gays are represented in scouting in the same proportions as in most other things. The problem is that they are forced to lie about who they are which is directly contrary to the ideals of scouting.

As for Mr. Stemberger, nothing is going to convince him that sexual orientation is not contagious. Given his mindset, scouting will be better off without him. It seems to this blogger that children should learn something about tolerance and treating all people equally. After all, it is the Boy Scouts of America and we take those things pretty seriously. Discrimination is about as un-American as things get.

Stemberger concludes:

We implore the delegates to the National BSA Convention to affirm Scouting’s current membership policy along with the principles of the hard-fought and won 2000 U.S. Supreme Court case of BSA vs. Dale, which protects Scouting from further legal attacks and sets the program back on the firm foundation of principle for the future.

Just because the BSA has the legal right (for now) to be discriminatory, doesn’t mean that they should be. 

As for the Washington Times, allowing whack jobs like Stemberger to vent takes a toll on their credibility. Apparently, this is what people read when they have finished scanning WingNut Daily.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.