Timothy Dolan

Last Saturday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan received the Wilberforce Award for 2013 from the (very far right) Chuck Colson Center for
Christian Worldview. According to Barton Gingerich, a research assistant at the (very far right) Institute on Religion and Democracy:

Regarding the battle for life, the Roman Catholic leader remarked,
“The Gosnell hearings have pulled the rug out from abortionists.” The
accepted silence of major news outlets on the grisly case met with a
heartening “reaction.” “We seem to have to young people on our side,”
Dolan observed. On the other hand, the redefinition of marriage has been
more difficult since LGBT activists have adopted an argument from
fairness. The “right to marriage” feels positive and uplifting, all the
more so since advocates for marriage redefinition “have a lot of
literati on their side.” He also observed, “We’ve also been battling an
entitlement culture. The rights mentality is biblically grounded…but
some things aren’t rights at all!”

It is interesting that Dolan said “some things aren’t rights at all.” Oh, I agree. We live in a civilized society and are governed by secular law. We accept the fact that there is a formal separation of church and state in this country. Cardinal Dolan seeks to impose his religious beliefs on everyone else including those of other faiths who embrace marriage equality.

In point of fact, equality is an entitlement.

In the same article, there is this:

Like Dolan, [Dr. Timothy] George thinks that the marriage debate will prove to be
an uphill struggle. “We were not as concise—or persuasive—as we might
have been on this issue to start out with,” he confessed, “We got [the
rapid change in position] through the entertainment industry.” George
thinks that–contrary to popular belief–“people do get hurt [in same-sex
marriages]…with respect to the children” Citing Mark Regnerus’ work on
the matter, the Beeson Divinity professor added, “We should not rush
into this as a nation.”

Aside from the fact that George is misstating the Regnerus findings, this sounds like a sigh of inevitability.

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By David Cary Hart

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