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There are several variations to this scheme. In one version, Robert George writes something on a conservative Catholic blog. George’s polemic uncritically rattles around on a number of other conservative Catholic blogs and websites. National Organization for Marriage repeats George’s assertions spontaneously and then a couple of weeks later as if it is widely known outside of conservative Catholic circles.

Such is the case with a post to the NOM blog last evening.

Robert George

On April 17, Robert George wrote an article on First Things (I wrote about it here). Robby’s hypothesis was basically that gays want the right to marry for the sole purpose of wrecking marriage. It is an absurd proposition per se. As proof, George cited a fairly well known Russian lesbian and gay activist, Masha Gessen. According to Gessen, “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexuals) should have the right to marry,
but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of
marriage should not exist.” That was enough for George to claim that US gay activists were lying about marriage. Indeed is piece was titled What Few Deny About Gay Marriage when in point of fact this represents what most would deny.

Masha Gessen

Aside from the fact that the very premise is preposterous, most US gays probably don’t know who Gessen is and you would be hard pressed to find anyone else who agrees with Gessen’s point of view. Consistent with the strategy, NOM repeated George’s BS on April 18.

So now, 11 days after their first blog post, here we go again:

“We Lie That The Institution of Marriage Isn’t Going to Change…”

Same-sex marriage activists certainly do want marriage …but not for the reasons you might think.

We’ve reported to you before on lesbian journalist Masha Gessen’s outrageous comments at a recent writers’ forum in Sydney. The remarks continue to gain exposure by the mainstream media, which is good news for getting the word out about the underlying agenda which accompanies much of the lobbying in favor of marriage redefinition.

That is a lie. These remarks by Gessen have not circulated in mainstream media; Only in the conservative Catholic echo chamber. What Gessen is known for is her book on Putin, A Man Without a Face. For example, on the 22nd, Gessen wrote a piece about Russian politics for the NY Times. No mention of anything related to the LGBT community. Gessen has written 18 pieces for the NY Times this year. One is about conditions for gays in Russia while none mention gay marriage.

This is just a calculated effort to create something out of nothing and it started with Robert George’s initial dishonest piece. At this point they are getting desperate. At this point most people who oppose marriage equality have grudgingly accepted the inevitable.

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By David Cary Hart

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