These days National Organization for Marriage will subscribe to just about any theory, from any blowhard, that denigrates gay people.

At NOM’s Ruth Institute blog they are linking to an extremely verbose article on an extreme Australian anti-gay website. The piece written by Robert Reilly titled Mutable or Immutable. According to the site:

Robert R. Reilly is the author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind. He is currently completing a book on the natural law argument against homosexual marriage for Ignatius Press.

That speaks for itself. With respect to Mr. Reilly’s argument, his lengthy polemic is sub-titled:

Homosexuals are born that way, gay activists argue vehemently. How is it that so many have changed?

Simple, Mr. Reilly. “So many” have not changed. Neither the literature nor even Exodus International supports the notion that gay people can change.

The immutability issue is as irrelevant to the moral nature of
homosexual behavior as it is to alcoholic behavior. Alcoholics, by
definition, are alcoholics for life. If they wish to remain sober, they
may never drink again.

Are homosexuals like this, also? Will they forever suffer from (or
celebrate) their inclination? There is mixed evidence regarding this. Of
those wanting to change, some have been able to; some have not.
However, except in the very real terms of personal hardship, it does not
really matter. After all, everyone is disposed in some morally
disordered way or another. The immutability of the condition or of the
inclination is irrelevant to the moral character of the acts to which
they are disposed.

A sexual orientation is not an inclination. Insofar as behavior is concerned, gay people have two choices; Celibacy or having same-sex sex. Human need and human nature being what it is, the overwhelming majority of people will choose gay sex. If immutability is not an issue then why has this guy written a piece challenging the matter? I am going to stop with just two more paragraphs lest I devote far more attention to this ignoramus than he deserves:

Of course, some homosexual apologists find the genetic excuse
exculpatory. Therefore, they need it for the rationalization of their
behavior: if I am this way by nature, how can I help what I do?
However, the alcoholic could use the same justification for his
drunkenness. In neither case does the inclination neuter free will or
responsibility for actions.

Utter nonsense. Patently absurd pap. Gay people have no need to rationalize their behavior. We neither seek nor require anyone’s approval. Alcoholism is a disease. A sexual orientation is a natural variant of human sexuality     irrespective of what Mr. Reilly’s book suggests.

However, this issue is extremely important here in the US because
homosexual activists wish to establish the immutability of their
condition in order to constitute themselves as a “class”. Legally, a
“class” can be determined only by accident of birth, by such traits as
race or sex. This explains the enormous interest in establishing sexual
orientation as genetic or biological. Homosexuals want to be designated a
“class” so they can game the legal system for the spoils of
discrimination. Therefore, this issue has huge legal and financial

Religion (clearly a choice) is a suspect class. Immutability is just one criteria that has been cited by the Supreme Court in the past. Others include, but are not limited to:

  • The group has historically been discriminated against, and/or have been subject to prejudice, hostility, and/or stigma, perhaps due, at least in part, to stereotypes. [check – and thank you]
  • They are powerless to protect themselves via the political process. (The group is a “discrete” and “insular” minority.) [maybe]
  • The group’s distinguishing characteristic does not inhibit it from contributing meaningfully to society. [check] 

Perhaps Mr. Reilly should stick to theology. Seeking equality is not “gaming the legal system.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.