What if Jennifer LeClaire acquired an intellect?

Jennifer LeClaire

LeClaire, is an editor at Charisma News. She leads what she calls a “prophetic ministry.”

The prophetic ministers do not operate in the office of a prophet, but
rather have learned to move in the gift of prophecy, knowing and
prophesying in part. The prophetic minister’s responsibility is to listen to the Holy Spirit and accurately speak what they hear.

Her past nuttiness has included topics like “I have nothing against gay people. God’s heart breaks for their lost souls” and “Why Are So Many Christians Practicing Witchcraft?” To put this in some context, LeClaire wrote a column in March titled

Why Gay NFL Players Should Stay in the Closet.”

Getting back to Jason Collins, he could no more “renounce” his sexual orientation than his race or height. LeClaire and people like her are simply amazing. They have perfected the ability to shamelessly ignore science and logic. The are immune to common sense. Behold the whackery:

When I read the CBS report back in March about how “a current gay NFL
player is strongly considering coming out publicly within the next few
months,” I predicted that gay professional athletes would indeed start making their homosexualality [sic] known to the masses in 2013.

No Jen, you didn’t predict anything. Later on:

I am convinced that more gay sports stars will follow in Collins’ footsteps. When Fox News’ Alan Colmes interviewed me about why I am praying for Jason Collins,
he asked me what was wrong with the Boston Celtics center coming out. I
told him, essentially, that if it’s not supposed to matter if a sports
star is gay, then why does it matter if the sports star is gay?

course, Colmes didn’t buy into my logic,…

That is probably an understatement. The reason that Colmes didn’t buy into LeClaire’s “logic” is because it consisted of an illogical comparison. A simple explanation:

  • If a professional athlete is gay it should not matter to fans and teammates as long as he or she competes at the expected professional level. 
  • If a professional athlete is gay he or she should be open about their sexuality. Gay children need to know that they can be anything that they choose to be.

At some point in the future, when gays enjoy full equality, they will reveal their sexuality in a matter-of-fact fashion similar to how we know if players are married or single.

I am leaving out much of what follows where she writes about our friend Michael Brown. LeClaire concludes:

Think about it for a minute: If Jason Collins coming out as gay
caused such media hype, how much more of a stir would it cause if he
fully surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ, waged war on same-sex
attraction and urged others to seek God? Amen.

Bishop Eugene Robinson

These people will go to their graves believing that sexual orientation is a choice     in order to wish away a conflict with their book. The fact that there are liturgical Protestant bishops who are gay is irrelevant. I would argue that LeClaire should make a telephone call to Eugene Robinson and ask him to explain how he “fully surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ” without having “waged war on same-sex attraction.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.