According to the poll:

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Support for legalizing same-sex marriage continues to grow in California, following the national trend. Fifty-eight percent of Californians now support same-sex marriage, up 6 points (and 9 points in intense support) in just three years. The shift on this issue is driven not just by young voters or the Bay Area, but also by some surprising groups, including seniors, who now are split on the issue after an 11-point increase in support over the past three years.

According to American Family Association’s blog:

Scott Lively

“Isn’t it interesting that [the poll] happens to come out at such a strategic time to try to influence the decision by the Supreme Court?” asks Dr. Scott Lively of

It’s all part of a grand conspiracy. Maybe the Elders of Zion are getting this done. Sure. We are days away from a decision being handed down and opinions have been written. Yet a poll is going to change the destiny of Prop 8.

“Regardless, it doesn’t matter,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s irrelevant because the law is the law and Prop. 8 was passed lawfully, constitutionally – and it’s important that the Supreme Court recognize the right of Californians.”

So if it doesn’t matter, why mention it in the first place? Personally, I don’t think that they even get to that question. They will dismiss due to lack of standing.

Lively believes that if Prop. 8 is upheld by the Supreme Court, and California voters get another chance to decide on “gay marriage,” that many will still side with traditional marriage.

Side with traditional marriage? It’s as if he is positing that same-sex marriages cannot coexist with traditional marriage. That they are somehow mutually exclusive.

“When push comes to shove and people are put in the privacy of a voting booth, and they have to make a decision,” Lively says, “they tend to vote much more conservatively than they do when polled.”

How did that work out for you last November?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.