Here is the fundamentalist outrage, courtesy of AFA’s blog. Plenty more will be forthcoming.

It is remarkable that Randy Thomasson would continue to label sexual orientation as behavior. It’s an expression of spectacular ignorance. His hyperbole about “unconstitutional rulings” is absurd.

Brad Dacus takes the “slap in the face” approach. Sorry Brad; The majority does not get to tyrannize a minority (although the Court ruled on procedural grounds).

William Owens (who is really a National Organization for Marriage employee) make two preposterous claims. First that the Court ruled based on political pressure and secondly that same-sex marriage wrecks traditional marriage. The latter is an argument that has never been sustained in any court.

Austin Nimocks doesn’t seem to have read the decision in Windsor. He is just reacting “gay  baaad.”

Randy Thomasson,

“Sexual behavior does not constitute a civil right, but the Supreme Court has done vast damage to man-woman marriage, the foundation of the natural family. The high court’s refusal to correct the unconstitutional rulings of lower-court judges and the dereliction of duty by constitution-bound state officials demonstrates that not only is natural, man-woman marriage no longer respected but neither is our republic and system of written laws.”


Brad Dacus, Pacific Justice Institute

“The decision by the United States Supreme Court not to rule in favor of proposition 8 is a slap in the face to the entire democratic process by which the will and voice of the people are respected by our courts. This is a terrible setback for not just the proper definition of marriage, but even more importantly to have the voice of the voters of California respected by their courts.” 

William Owens, Coalition of African-American Pastors

“We are devastated that the Supreme Court succumbed to political pressure by voting to weaken the sacred institution [of marriage]. They neglected our most precious children who need a mother and a father united in marriage for healthy development. The African-American community has already been plagued with problems related to children growing up in single-parent households. This ruling will only accelerate the further erosion of our communities and society.”  

Austin R. Nimocks, Alliance Defending Freedom

“The Supreme Court got it wrong in saying that a state that has redefined marriage can force that definition on the federal government. The federal government should be able to define what marriage is for federal law, just as states need to be able to define what marriage is for state law.”

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By David Cary Hart

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