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On Witherspoon Institute’s blog, a Canadian explains the evils of same-sex marriage. Or does he?

Bradley W. Miller is a Visiting Fellow in Robert George’s James Madison Program on American Ideals at Princeton University. He is also an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at Western University, Canada. Robert P. George is also a co-founder of the Opus Dei associated Witherspoon Institute. Oh that Robby. He seems connected to so much of the BS.

Miller’s essay, The New Article of Faith for Canadian Law Schools: Same-Sex Marriage, is a bit rambling. Based on the title, his core concern is:

Trinity Western University is one of Canada’s few private universities, and it proposes to house Canada’s first and only private law school. TWU, like many other religious educational institutions, fosters a distinctively religious community by requiring its students to abide by a “community covenant agreement.” The agreement covers many different behaviors and proscribes, for example, the use of alcohol and pornography on campus.

But what has alarmed the Canadian legal education establishment is
the requirement that students agree to abstain “from sexual intimacy
that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” The
Canadian Council of Law Deans, comprised of all the deans of Canada’s
law schools, has spearheaded a public campaign against TWU through a letter to the Federation of Canadian Law Societies, the body that makes accreditation decisions.

[ … ]

The precise ground of the law deans’ objection is not clear. It could be
a pragmatic concern: that TWU-educated students would be unfit to
practice law because of their inculcation into a “discriminatory” ethos. 

Mr. Miller insults our intelligence:

  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality and;
  2. The precise objection expressed in the letter is perfectly clear. It has nothing to do with graduates’ “ethos”:

    The covenant specifically contemplates that gay, lesbian or bisexual students might be subject to disciplinary measures including expulsion. … Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unlawful in Canada and fundamentally at odds with the core values of Canadian law schools.

Mr. Miller claims to be uncertain with regard to the objection in order to avoid the simple fact that this is about sexual orientation discrimination at odds with Canadian law. That seems to be at odds with Miller’s title for this article; The New Article of Faith for Canadian Law Schools: Same-Sex Marriage.

Shall I presume that Mr. Miller is simply another Defender of the Faith™?

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By David Cary Hart

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