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R.J. Snell

Witherspoon Institute’s pseudo-intellectual blog is notable for attracting pseudo-intellectual discourse. As most of you know, Witherspoon is an Opus Dei organization that was co-founded by Robby George. Witherspoon funded the thoroughly demolished Regnerus study.

The following is the beginning of the second part of a spectacularly boring and frankly useless essay. It is written by RJ Snell who is an associate professor of philosophy at Eastern University, a Baptist institution in Philadelphia. Snell’s baccalaureate is from Liberty U. Why am I not surprised? The first paragraph is a single run-on sentence:

In yesterday’s essay, I explored how the contemporary understanding of authenticity fosters a situation in which arguments against recognizing particular forms of identity-expression, no matter how lucid those arguments might be, are viewed as harmful, thus poisoning the rhetorical situation and partially explaining the odd fervor and sense of accomplishment obvious in publicity stunts such as the Human Rights Campaign call to update profile pictures with the “=” sign.

Such actions are considered as granting status to others, reversing harm, and cementing identity as enlightened, fair, and just. …

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