Fantastic news for National Organization for Marriage means that they are  trotting out, again, NOM’s supposed, (manufactured) victimization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Brian S. Brown

Just to refresh memories. An unredacted (donors disclosed) 2008 tax return [PDF] ended up in the hands of the Human Rights Campaign. Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of NOM and then chairman of NOM’s board claimed that a low-level employee was duped into sending out the form. Brian Brown or NOM’s PR firm must have perceived a fund-raising opportunity. Suddenly, NOM claimed that HRC must have received the return from a rogue employee of the IRS because HRC’s president was an Obama campaign co-chair and the form showed a small contribution from a Romney PAC which, NOM claimed, embarrassed Romney. Sure.

This is fantastic news… not just for NOM — but for every group targeted by the Obama administration and the IRS.

And this is especially good news for the American people who are rightfully concerned about abuse of power and political targeting by operatives inside the IRS, and the failure of the Department of Treasury and other enforcement agencies to hold those responsible to account.

NOM has worked closely with Chairman Issa and the House Oversight Committee for many months to ensure they have all the information and legal authority they need, including confidentiality waivers, to compel the IRS and the Treasury Department to cooperate with the Committee’s investigation.

Issa has been at this for months. So far, all they determined is that the IRS’ incompetence was non-partisan. NOM, nothing.

But Brian Brown already knows that this is BS. Predictably, this email ends:

If you have the means, won’t you help us stand up to this egregious abuse of power by making a donation today of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 to support NOM’s work defending marriage, religious liberties and the basic rights of every American?

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By David Cary Hart

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