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I will be writing about NOM’s filed complaint against the IRS later in the day. First this tidbit.

The very creepy John Eastman, chairman of National Organization for Marriage is, apparently, a pathological liar. For example, in 2010 Eastman ran a failed campaign for California attorney general. Eastman tried to dupe voters
by being listed as “assistant attorney general” or “special
assistant attorney general” in campaign materials and on the Republican
primary ballot. Eastman has never been an assistant AG in California —
nor anywhere else for that matter. His excuse was that
he was acting as outside counsel for South Dakota’s Attorney

The former dean of Chapman University School of Law seems to have done it again. According to Politico:

NOM’s chair John Eastman told Morning Tax that his group is also seeking
“discovery” abilities to investigate who at the IRS is responsible for
the leak. The IRS has refused to share that information, Eastman said,
because the agency claims it violated the privacy of the employee.

Eastman seems to be implying that the IRS admits that an employee disclosed their confidential donor schedule and that they were protecting their employee. At no time has the Service claimed responsibility for this disclosure.

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By David Cary Hart

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