Robert Oscar Lopez is an extremely neurotic associate professor of English at Cal-State Northridge. He is, possibly, ex-bi, extremely anti-gay and an author of erotic gay fiction. Seriously.

Last night he posted a (triple “huh?”) piece titled Sexual Radicalism: Imperial Project, Global Goliath to Witherspoon Institute’s (usually pseudo-intellectual, now incoherent) blog. The sub-heading provides little more appreciable information than the title:

While US conservatives are distracted by
internal debates, the wealthy and powerful international movement for
LGBT rights is aggressively targeting nations that are poorer and less

Wow! Who knew? The proof of this international conspiracy is John Kerry, addressing the UN supposedly saying:
“The Global Equality Fund is one way in
which like-minded countries can address this injustice and show their
support for LGBT persons. Since the United States launched the Fund in
2011, it has allocated over $7 million in more than 50 countries
worldwide.” According to Lopez this is the smoking gun:

Robert Oscar Lopez

Speaking before the United Nations earlier this month—bragging about
American leadership in a global movement to normalize homosexuality,
same-sex marriage, artificial reproductive technology, and
cross-dressing—John Kerry
revealed the deep pockets and loaded guns that the world’s only
superpower can count on to bring such ideas to nations that have
religious or cultural objections.

“Deep pockets?” Perhaps Mr. Lopez does not realize just how minuscule $7 million spread over 50 countries is. “Loaded guns?” Lopez further writes; “This is not like saving people from Nazi concentration camps,” something I find extremely offensive. Apparently our $140,000 per country is being used to overturn anti-gay laws and that angers Mr. Lopez. More accurate information about the fund is available here.

Apparently Mr. Lopez is oblivious to the fact that the Catholic Church is spending billions of dollars to promote anti-gay discrimination around the world. How about all the Christian nut jobs who went to Africa? Didn’t the same crazies influence the Russian Federation to violate basic human rights?

Things get weirder though. Much weirder. Apparently, the conspiracy includes surrogate mothers who become indentured servants:

In many cases, these less-wealthy nations … are being asked … to provide surrogate mothers to the growing market of homosexual couples looking to acquire children.

In crude terms, male-male couples that want children are looking to control a dependent without having to support the child’s biological mother beyond birth.

As I have learned quite well, the word “slavery” is incendiary to homosexuals who feel they are simply trying to found loving families. Still, international gay surrogacy involves predominantly wealthy and white men from powerful countries buying babies from poor women of color and taking them away forever. If you buy a human being, what is this if not an echo of the world’s wretched history of human bondage?

Lopez offers a link to a piece in the UK site Metro.  According to that article, women in India are being “impregnated using sperm and embryos sent by courier.” The problem is this is that new legislation in India requires that intended parents be heterosexual and married for a minimum of 2 years. So much  for that.

How about Mexico? Lopez provides a link from the IVF Vacation Center. Really, there is such a thing. To the extent that this is reliable information, it is not being marketed to gay people as claimed.

Some gay couples are having children through surrogates. In this country, costs exceed $100,000. Keep in mind that this is impermissible according to the teachings of the Catholic Church (which is at the core of this whole thing). The notion that this is some form of slavery is absurd. It’s more preposterous than it is offensive. The woman is providing a service for which she is well paid. The nuttiness continues:

Forcing other countries to redefine their heritage, legacy, familial
support systems, religions, moralities, and role models, then implying
to them that it is okay to sell their children to American homosexual


The LGBT lobby is encouraging homosexual men to take children away from
mothers of the Third World, and then leaving the surrogate mothers to
perish once the initial fee is paid.

Who is forcing anyone to do anything? “Perish?” Lopez is suggesting that the fee should include a lifetime stipend? I don’t know who the “LGBT lobby” is (neither does Lopez). This is all just nonsensical rubbish. However, get your hip waders on:

Conservatives in nations like the USA, Canada, Argentina,
and France, have until now fallen prey to the ligbitists’ shrewd
operational tactics. While people in the United States—particularly the
opponents of same-sex marriage—were entangled in relentless
state-by-state battles with the LGBT lobby at home, the lobby made a
global move through the Obama Administration’s State Department, which
has utterly changed the global landscape.

Yeah it was very shrewd. After all, State spending $7,000,000 spread over 50 countries is going to facilitate national marriage equality for the gay community. Just one more crazy paragraph:

The LGBT lobby had each nation’s spokespeople locked in bitter
struggles over the word “marriage” while they advanced quickly into the
realm of procreation, opening up traffic lines for biomaterials and new
markets for babies without being criticized for serious human rights

What the fuck?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.