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Robert Oscar Lopez takes another dip into the crazy pool with The Global Fight for Children’s Rights: Europe. This, of course, is on Witherspoon’s pseudo-intellectual blog. According to “Bobby:”

Underground movements in England and France are beginning to counter the global LGBT ideology that has entrenched itself in the governments of First-World nations.

Ooh, “The Underground.” Sometimes Lopez refers to this as “The Resistance.” Get a grip Bobby! Of course what Lopez is really referring to is the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The bishops stir up the priests who stir up parishioners to hate all things gay. There’s nothing underground about it. They are no longer very successful.  And here we go again with the self-persecution and conspiracy theories:

It no longer makes sense to speak of an LGBT “community” or
“movement” but rather a world-historical lobby, a specific cadre flush
with money, positioned strategically close to the same centers of power
that oversaw empires in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries:
Washington, Paris, and London.


Moreover, the lobby has laid down English, French, and American laws that protect LGBT citizens from hostile criticism. In these major centers of power, home to the Guardian and Libération and New York Times, the philosophy championed by the lobby is poised to play offense without worrying about defense.

Rubbish. We are a small minority community that has been historically oppressed —usually by religion-motivated bigots. As Jews, my ancestors suffered the same repression by the same people. I know very little about French and English law. In this country people (including LGBT Americans) are entitled to equal protection under law and due process. Moreover, as Mr. Lopez proves on a daily basis, there are no laws restricting his freedom of expression. Fox News and its parent, News Corp., have a far larger constituency (in broadcast and print) than the New York Times. Lopez continues not to make very much sense. This goes on and on with nonsensical gibberish like:

The LGBT lobby stumbled unwittingly into the postcolonial metropolises
at their most “post.” The United States just narrowly avoided a default
on its debt.


Consider that when the Nazis entered France in 1940, one of the top
priorities for Parisians was to empty the Louvre and store France’s
treasures safely. Legacy and inheritance are not things the French see
as optional or editable based on individual tastes. 

What this is all about is simple. It’s preposterous but it’s simple:

To buy and sell children is fundamentally repugnant to a nation that
cherishes its nationalized Civil Code and takes “patrimony” very
seriously. (It is not a country that bows to the free market the way
Americans do, so the “let me do as I wish if I have the money for it”
argument fails to win them over.)

I suppose that this is another objection to surrogacy which the Catholic Church opposes. I hate to break it to Bobby but I would estimate that over 95% of parental surrogacy is for heterosexual couples. The few gay couples who use surrogacy to have children (it’s expensive) are going to do so irrespective of marriage.

It is common for religious zealots to conflate child rearing with marriage equality. They are two separate issues. Gay couples have been raising children for decades and decades of research confirms that those same gay couples are doing a pretty good job as parents.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.