National Organization for Marriage

Update: I have given this a fairly cursory glance. The bottom line is that National Organization for Marriage’s revenues swelled by $3,000,000 year  which makes sense in an election year. However, their expenses increased by $6,000,000. Net assets are now a negative $2.7 million. Three donors were responsible for $6 million or two-thirds of the revenues.

I notice that Maggie still drew a salary of $160,000 for doing nothing while Brian Brown’s salary remained the same at $230,000.

This is somewhat offset, however, by the fact that NOM Education had revenues exceed expenses by $1.6 million. Their largest grant was $200,000 to the ActRight foundation. It looks like Deborah and William Owens are no longer receiving grant money. However, Deb Owens’ LinkedIn page suggests that she is a NOM employee.

Getting back to NOM, they paid Frank Schubert’s firm, Mission Public Affairs, some $412,000 which included ad buys. This is followed by $300,000 to OpusFidelis, the Catholic social media PR firm.

In round numbers NOM gave:

Maryland Marriage Alliance – $1.6 million

Protect Marriage Washington – $1.1 million

Minnesota for Marriage – $2 million

NOM Maine Fund – $1.1 million

Little wonder why Brian Brown is a bit out of sorts. I’ll probably have more on this tomorrow.

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By David Cary Hart

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