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On its blog today National Organization for Marriage writes: Three Dozen Lawmakers Applaud NOM’s Efforts to Find the Truth about the IRS; Vow to Continue Fighting to Hold Obama Adminstration <sic> Accountable. Apparently it is now Obama’s fault that NOM’s unredacted tax return for 2008 was sent to someone who forwarded it to the Human Rights Campaign.

Signatories to the letter addressed to John Eastman are the usual suspects — from Bachmann to Yoho with Louie Gohmert and Steve King somewhere in the middle. In other words the lunatic fringe have signed this missive.

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service

All it takes to get an unredacted return is $50 and an affirmation that one is authorized to receive it. The IRS provides hundreds of thousands of copies to lenders and other third parties. It’s really not some huge conspiracy, just a small clerical error.

Maggie was probably correct. Some low-level schnook was duped into sending out the full return to a third party. In 2012, NOM’s two entities spent over $500,000 on legal fees. 2013 should be a banner year for the various lawyers who represent NOM. The disclosure was relatively harmless. The Romney PAC’s donation that NOM insists was behind the disclosure was already public information. This represents time, money and focus that could be devoted to marriage discrimination.

Go for it NOM!

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By David Cary Hart

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