Who says that National Organization for Marriage is tediously unimaginative?

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We have a plan. Several states are being targeted by our opponents for advancing same-sex marriage legislation . . . and NOM will be making sure that the voters in those states know what their legislators are doing, and that those legislators know how their constituents feel.

We can fight back and win back marriage in 2014… but only if we raise the needed resources now to afford us a strong start in the New Year!

PS: There are only two days left in our year-end, million dollar matching gift challenge… only two days for your gift to NOM — of any amount — to be matched, dollar-for-dollar by one of our most generous supporters and have DOUBLE the impact!

Last year’s “plan” did not quite work out as promised. When NOM claims this year that they are going to “win back marriage” that means just the opposite. They are going to do the bidding of the Catholic Church to limit marriage equality. The suggestion is that they are going to turn marriage equality states into marriage discrimination states is sheer nonsense.

In other emails NOM claims that they are going to turn the Senate Republican. If the U.S. Senate goes to GOPers (which is doubtful) it’s not going to happen because of anything that these folks do. NOM keeps harping on their federal marriage amendment. That has less potential of happening than Sarah Palin has to become a justice of the Supreme Court.

Judge Shelby’s ruling in Utah (and we now learn that he is a Republican) may be a preview of what is in store for NOM for 2014. Shelby wrote; “The State of Utah has provided no evidence that opposite-sex marriage will be affected in
any way by same-sex marriage
.” There is no evidence and there never has been any evidence. There is none in Utah. There is none in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the many other states where litigation is challenging bans on equality.

The amount of money that NOM receives from the general public is minimal. In 2012 three donors funded more than two-thirds of NOM. NOM received 64 donations at, or above, $5,000 and those large givers are unlikely to be donating due to email blasts. The only matching grants that I take seriously are those where the donor is revealed.

So I will toast Brian Brown with a glass of champagne tomorrow night. May he have as miserable a 2014 as 2013.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.