Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson

I have written about Sylvia Thompson before. She is one of Alan Keyes’ lunatic bloggers. Thompson believes that race relations will never improve as long as there are “victims to be pandered to.” So gays are responsible for less than ideal race relations? Black people have a monopoly on victimhood? The ironic part of this is that she is intent on portraying Christians as victims of something and she wants to be pandered to as a holier-than-thou Christian fundamentalist.

I confess that I am not fluent in Ms. Thompson’s dialect of crackpot. Yet, in a piece titled Why there will be war, the gist seems to be that President Obama is morally corrupt (Thompson is also a birther) and that Fox is too far to the left.

Apparently she is also disappointed that some Christian ministers and Catholic priests are not sufficiently bigoted towards gays to suit her. According to her, Americans are darned angry (and they are not going to take it anymore). Progressives exist solely to oppose “biblical Christianity” and there is a torrent of “righteously indignant anger.”

Nobody is requiring Ms. Thompson to “defy God” as she puts it. Nobody is compelling her to marry someone of the same sex or to even like gay people. In fact nobody is forcing Ms. Thompson to do much of anything.

The fact that a small percentage of the population is seeking – and achieving – equal protection and due process under law doesn’t affect her in any way whatsoever.

Nevertheless she concludes by actually threatening violence if she and the Christianists don’t get their way. Sure sounds like pander bait to me:

Before this nation’s founding, a group of pilgrims were able to escape
the repression of the Church of England by seeking safe haven in a new
territory. There are no more new worlds. There is nowhere else to run,
and there will be no coming together in peaceful coexistence. The reason
is that Christians are being required to do what we will not and cannot do – defy God for the sake of a corrupt, rotting culture. And not all Christians will passively bow to force.

This space called America cannot be concurrently occupied by the
existing opposing worldviews. How this tragedy that is the destruction
of America will play out remains to be seen, but I predict that it will
not end peacefully.

You would think that a Black woman who grew up in the Jim Crow South would know better. After all, the same flavor of Christianity was used to enslave and then segregate Black people. Of course that would require some sanity. Mental hygiene is in short supply in Ms. Thompson’s home.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.