Brian Brown - National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage continues his dishonest assault on state officials who proclaim their disdain for marriage discrimination. These days the press releases are fill-in-the-blank boilerplate. Yesterday’s communiqué from HQ:

“Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is shamefully abandoning her constitutional duty to defend the marriage amendment overwhelmingly enacted by the people of Oregon. She swore an oath of office that she would enforce all the laws, not just those she personally agrees with.” — Brian Brown, NOM president —

In his second sentence, Brown intentionally substitutes “enforce” for “defend.” AG Rosenblum, like all attorneys general, has discretion over what she will prosecute or defend in court. At the same time, she has obligations to defend the United States Constitution. The prevailing judicial opinion seems to be that marriage discrimination is unconstitutional. Now if there is a law that AG Ronsenblum is failing to enforce, Brown has failed to reveal what that is.

Brown’s bombast has become increasingly angry ever since the Supreme Court nullified California Proposition 8. He could live with the decision in United States v. Windsor but Proposition 8 (which required him to relocate to California for a year or so) was the accomplishment of a rather mediocre career.

Brown is ambitious. I’ll give him that but his motor is too big for his boat. Brown has shown no skill as a manager and NOM has no depth. Is there even a number two person? The only other public presence was Thomas Peters who seemed immature, volatile and not terribly bright. Peters (who was critically injured after diving into shallow river water) seems to have been replaced by Christopher Plante who seems even duller.  Perhaps Brown needs to be surrounded by people who will pray with him but who will never challenge him.

Take away Proposition 8 and what’s left? As the losses continue to mount, Brown becomes more unglued. The only end in sight seems to occur when the big donors throw in the towel. NOM is dependent upon just a few large donors. If any one of these people appreciates the inevitable and pulls the plug, NOM may cease to exist. Mr. Brown’s future is even less certain.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.