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National Organization for Marriage v. United States of America is a case in which NOM alleges that it sustained damages because an employee of the IRS provided a third party with a confidential 2008 schedule of donors. NOM claims that the disclosure was intentional while the IRS claims that it was inadvertent.

NOM’s claims tie into the conservative meme of the IRS punishing President Obama’s political enemies. At one time NOM claimed that the disclosure was intended to embarrass Mitt Romney because a PAC affiliated with his campaign made a relatively small donation. The absurd accusation is noticeably absent from NOM’s civil complaint.

NOM’s damages allegedly include a loss of donations and an expenditure of $10,500. The ten grand? Fred Karger filed a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission based on information disclosed in the donor schedule. NOM claims that it incurred $10,500 in expenses to defend itself.

Knowing Fred, his complaint is probably accurate.  Knowing NOM, they probably did violate California’s campaign finance disclosure laws.

Fred is being deposed today in Los Angeles by both sides of this matter. I am guessing that NOM wants to not only substantiate its civil complaint but is on a fishing expedition as well. They are also not unlikely to be opposed to inconveniencing Fred and costing him some legal fees. Meanwhile, the US Attorney can get some embarrassing details into the record. Irrelevant but embarrassing about NOM’s failure to comply with campaign finance requirements in numerous states.

I’m sure that Fred will update us all on this matter once his depo has concluded. It could be interesting so stay tuned.

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By David Cary Hart

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