Ken Blackwell - FRC
Ken Blackwell – FRC

Today, Ken Blackwell puts his usual anti-gay tirades on pause to tell us that those darned liberals want to “disarm America.” He warns of government agents ransacking our homes to confiscate our weapons.

Blackwell is “senior fellow of family empowerment at Family Research Council.” I have no idea what that pretentious academic title means. Family Research Council is an SPLC designated hate group. Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, is one of the reasons that FRC is considered a hate group. Blackwell, writing about the departure of Piers Morgan from CNN diverts to fear mongering:

There is certainly room for a spirited and informed debate about our Second Amendment guarantees and about what Morgan sees as our great failure to confiscate guns. According to his own network, Americans hold some 310 million privately owned weapons. Those of us who legally own our weapons have believed for 2 1/2 centuries we have a moral and constitutional right to keep and bear the means of self-defense.

Disarming America would necessarily involve repealing as well the Fourth Amendment. It would be open season for “unreasonable searches and seizures.” Just consider the hullaballoo over the NSA intercepting our telephone numbers. Imagine the uproar if you allow ATF agents to kick down our doors and ransack our homes looking for contraband firearms!

Mr. Blackwell knows perfectly well that nobody wants to “disarm America.” Gun safety has nothing to do with confiscating weapons in the hands of lawful American citizens. To suggest that anyone will offend the Fourth Amendment is both irresponsible and absurd.

I was shot and nearly murdered with a .45 in the hands of a prohibited purchaser. It would be kind of nice, Mr. Blackwell, if we took common sense measures to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and crazy people. Just how many massacres are required for Mr. Blackwell to absorb that bit of simple logic? I wish that Blackwell would give us a number. How many people have to be killed by guns each year before we actually do something meaningful about it? It is neither demagoguery nor sophistry to suggest that we need sane gun safety policies in this country.

The fact that we could not pass even a watered-down, somewhat ineffective, background checks bill means that the NRA money has hijacked common sense. The NRA does not represent gun owners. Rather, it is the gun industry’s chamber of commerce. It uses its clout to influence legislators who often regard the NRA as their employer.

Where and how does Mr. Blackwell presuppose Chicago gangs are arming themselves? What is the source of their WMD? How would Blackwell propose to limit the availability of guns to street gangs? In fact, the more basic question is whether or not Blackwell would want to limit the availability of guns to the Gangster Disciples at all.

Technically, I am a prohibited purchaser. Yet I can walk into the gun store on Alton Road in South Beach and purchase the kill-machine of my choice. Maybe the next time someone’s music is too loud … After all, it’s fucking Florida.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.