Sarah Palin

The imbecile from Alaska continues to have a constituency among the Tea Party crackpots. When she is not offering the usual word salad she is providing other imbeciles with “look-at-me” red meat. Yesterday, at the NRA convention, she claimed that they are “needed now more than ever because every day, we are seeing more and more efforts to strip away our Second Amendment rights.” She went on to yammer:

They are trying, though. You know who “they” are? If you control oil, you control an
economy. If you control money, you control commerce. But if you control arms, you control the people and that is what they’re trying to do.

The biggest problem with this nonsensical diatribe is that it is based on lies. First of all gun safety advocates (including me) are striving for things like universal background checks. Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals seems like a good idea without infringing upon anyone’s rights — given the fact that most felons are already precluded from owning guns. It would also be nice if states kept their medical databases up to date in order to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. Don’t you think?

What are Ms. Palin’s solutions to gun violence? Palin’s audience will also infer that the Obama administration is bent on tyranny. Gun saftey is just common sense, something that Ms. Palin sorely lacks. How many people need to be killed or seriously injured,- each year, by prohibited purchasers before Palin gets it? Perhaps she can give us a threshold in quarts of blood spilled.

For the record, I was shot and seriously injured by a .45 at point blank range. The weapon was in the hands of a prohibited purchaser. My attempted murder was a paid hit to forestall audits that I directed to be carried out. The NRA’s position is that it would have been prevented were I armed. I could have been carrying an Uzi; It would not have prevented being shot in the back.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.