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Florida Family Association (David Caton) Money Beg

David Caton’s one-man hate factory, Florida Family Association, is doing its civic duty; Warning people of the gay contagion if they enter Disney World on June 7. Criticizing the uncommonly dim-witted Mr. Caton is almost unsporting. Today’s email blast claims:

Every year since 1991 Disney World in Orlando Florida has
allowed thousands of LGBT minded people to hold a coming out event on the
first Saturday of June.

“LGBT minded?” Other than being gay, precisely what is it that these people do that Caton finds so abhorrent? You would think that, in full view, some guy mounted Mickey Mouse while circling his arm in the air like a bull rider and yelling “yee-HAH!”

This event has been very offensive to the general public.  A Disney official informed a Florida Family Association observer one year that they gave out 3,000 return passes just in the first two hours of the event.

Seems rather popular to me. I suspect that the only people who are offended are David Caton and a few like-minded simpletons.

It appears that Gay Day at Disney intentionally targets the thousands of children who are a captured audience in America’s largest playground for the purpose of influencing their attitudes toward same-sex relationships. Disney’s official response to critics of Gay Day has been to erroneously pretend that they have nothing to do with Gay Day and have no control over who enters their park.

It appears that Mr. Caton is either extremely paranoid or profoundly insecure (or both). Does it even occur to Mr. Caton that these people are going to Disney World for the very same reason
that most people go to Disney World — to have some fun? Does Mr. Caton understand that concept?

According to Caton Disney is complicit.  After all, according to Caton, Disney evicts gang-bangers wearing gang colors. Caton is trying to raise about nine grand for this adventure. I seriously doubt that anyone intending to spend a day at Disney with the kids is actually going to turn around and go home rather than mix with the queers.

David Caton
David Caton

I wonder if Mr. Caton realizes that a couple of million children in this country are being raised by gay parents in this country and that those kids turn out to be heterosexual. A few hours at Disney seems quite unlikely to alter a child’s sexual orientation unless Mr. Caton has some peer-reviewed research that I am unaware of.

When Caton isn’t gay bashing his favorite hobby is targeting companies that advertise on Al Jazeera. I am not exactly sure why he does this but every time a company ceases its ad campaign Caton takes personal credit. He has said that “Islamization of our country is the greatest threat to our way of life, our American way of life as we know it.” I wonder if there is a Muslim day at Disney.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.