Pre-Palin I was less conscious of the “intellectual culture war.” It exists because what we know to be scientific fact differs from scripture. Copernicus and Galileo might have been the first “elites.” I suspect that Mr. Darwin was an elite. Then God made people who understood radiocarbon dating, and so on.

According to Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute, an elite is someone who believes that the state should recognize same-sex civil marriage. She writes:

The judicial
elites have handed down a disastrous series of federal court decisions … The entertainment elites seem to celebrate every family form … The media elites continue their shameless manipulation of
public opinion. The economic elites pour money into political and
propaganda campaigns … Academic elites continue behind-the-scenes scribbling,
advocating for recreating marriage …

Oh my god. They are everywhere! Who knew that there was such a huge conspiracy to allow gay people to marry?

The rest is drivel; The usual nonsense to justify conforming public policy regarding civil marriage to the teachings of the Catholic Church. There is one paragraph worthy of attention:

We hear demands for “marriage equality.” But we
never hear about equality for children. Why do some children have a
legally recognized right to the care and support of both of their
parents, and other children do not?

The simple truth is that children who don’t have the support of both parents usually have divorced parents. Many of the gay couples who have children have them from prior marriages. Adopted children haven’t the support of either biological parent. Yet my hypothesis is that the Supreme Court will decide marriage equality based on the welfare of children.

It’s the “Posner corollary” and I have written about it previously. Posner being Judge Richard Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Posner posed a simple question; Children raised by same-sex couples are similarly situated to children being raised by opposite sex couples. Children raised by same-sex couples are denied numerous tangible benefits as well as emotional security when the state prohibits their parents from marrying. What justification is there for the state to disadvantage those children raised by same-sex couples? What is the offsetting benefit to the state and the public.

Lawyers representing the states of Indiana and Wisconsin did not challenge the factual basis for the question. Those kids are similarly situated and they are denied benefits. More importantly, they were unable to answer the question. Judge Posner even mentioned amicus briefs from Robert George and Helen Alvare. He asked the lawyers if they agree that same-sex marriage had some effect on opposite-sex marriage. They said no. I doubt that any lawyer is willing to make that argument to an appellate judge or to the Supreme Court where it will be eviscerated by an erudite jurist who is thinking “are you fucking kidding me?”

Of course in Jennifer Roback Morse’s world gay couples shouldn’t have children in the first place and don’t get her started on divorce. A few annulments for wealthy donors are fine but never divorces. She also claims, in the same piece:

By separating sex from procreation and
separating both from marriage, by claiming that men and women are
completely interchangeable, the ideology of the sexual revolution has
brought misery to millions of people.

Procreation seems to require sex. No? And exactly who are those millions of people? About the only “misery” wrought by gay marriage is the sharing of socks and underwear.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.