Elaine Donnelly is mad as hell that the US military is surveying LGB service members to see how they are fairing since the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. According to American Family Association’s “news” blog Donnelly “contends the survey only cares about the opinions of a group that makes up less than one percent of the military.” Seriously, that’s her beef. Donnelly goes on to explain:

It really is a ludicrous concept to single out a special-interest, very tiny minority and proclaim the intent to survey the opinions only of that group to the exclusion of everyone else. The administration has misused the military in many ways. This is just another example.

Elaine seems desperate to find an issue and with it some importance. Were she not shameless she would disappear into the quiet recesses of the conservative Christian orbit.

The best thing that I can say about Elaine Donnelly is that she is incompetent. The pretentiously named Center for Military Readiness was originally set up by Donnelly and BFF Phyllis Schlafly to keep women domesticated in the US armed services. Then came the fight for the repeal of DADT. Donnelly seemed to pop up everywhere to warn us of the dire consequences should we “homosexualize” the military.  Insecurity while showering (these folks are obsessed with bathrooms) and an unsafe blood supply were just two of the near certain casualties of equality.

Since then, Donnelly’s Center for Military Readiness has fallen on hard times. CMR’s 2012 operating budget of $100K is about a third of what it was in 2006. Whatever credibility Donnelly might have had took a comparable decline. By all rights it should be underwater. However, in Donnelly’s circle a bit of homophobia buys considerable gravitas.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.