What? You are surprised? Of course not. According to National Organization for Marriage, Traditional Marriage Achieves Overwhelming Victory Across United States. There are two parts to this drivel. The first, as stated in the headline, is that these mid-term elections had something to do with marriage. The second is that NOM was instrumental in getting people elected:

(NOM) today said that their efforts to support candidates who supported traditional marriage and oppose those who favored gay ‘marriage’ were overwhelmingly effective and played a pivotal role in the Republicans capturing control of the United States Senate. NOM won all the races in which they were engaged.

Strange. In an email last night Tony Perkins made the same claims. As I wrote earlier midterm elections are about turnout. That was, for example, a dismal 17.5% of the electorate in Florida. None of this had anything to do with same-sex marriage. Republicans had anger with Obama on their side which was the stronger motivator in getting people to the polls. To suggest that opposition to same-sex marriage was “pivotal” is preposterous.

In all likelihood the candidates that NOM supported would have won without NOM. Some may have even fared better. NOM is even taking credit for Democrats who unseated Republicans. This includes New York where State Senator Mark Grisanti (a marriage equality Republican) was defeated in his primary by a candidate NOM backed in 2012. That seat wen t to the Democrat yet NOM claims A Promise Kept. It is ludicrous. NOM’s guy lost.

The reason for all of this hyperbole is, of course, NOM seeking a reason to continue to exist (and Brian Brown continuing to receive a paycheck). National Organization for Marriage requires relevance for survival. Otherwise no more donors. Marriage will be decided in the courts and there is nothing that NOM can do to affect the outcome. NOM is is trying to reinvent itself as a political machine. It is audacious given heir serial ineptitude. NOM has demonstrated reverse-Midas for years.

In a couple weeks we will have NOM’s 2013 financials. Those could provide some indication of whether or not NOM might be a going concern.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.