Tim Wildmon
AFA’s Tim Wildmon

Last Tuesday I wrote about the reaction of Buddy Smith, VP of American Family Association, to HRC’s ad campaign for acceptance in Mississippi. Now it is Tim Wildmon’s turn to weigh in on the persecution of the Christian majority.

When Don Wildmon was in charge of AFA, Tim made a living schlepping people to Israel on tours. Tim Wildmon is now running the show. Not to suggest that Don is a genius (far from it) but Tim? Well … he and his handlers seem to think that everyone else is dumber than they are.

According to an article on Charisma News, HRC Radicals Declare All-Out War on Christians. The piece starts off with:

In light of an advertising campaign by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to push same-sex marriage on southern states, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon is speaking out.

“There is a war against the Bible in America and a war to marginalize the millions of Americans who believe the Bible,” says Wildmon. “HRC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside monies to undermine what Scripture teaches and to insult, denigrate and target those who hold to Scripture. For an organization that claims tolerance, HRC employs deceptive tactics and outright lies to attack those who respectfully disagree with them. This is hardly tolerance.”

It is classic “turnspeak.” Claiming that an adversary is doing what you do. Wildmon is trying to create confusion. We are not confused. There is no war on the Bible or Christians. AFA and HRC are both non-profit organizations that exist on “outside monies.”  Nobody is being “marginalized,” “undermined,” “insulted,” “denigrated,” “targeted” or “deceived.” “Outright lies?” Furthermore, AFA cannot “respectfully disagree” with HRC unless and until HRC advances a viewpoint which is precisely what this ad campaign is all about.

What Wildmon is doing is attacking a point of view that he does not like with a torrent of insults in contrast to substance. I might be a sarcastic prick but the HRC campaign is straight forward and positive. It is also quite respectful of bible-believing Christians. It makes the point that one can be devout and be accepting of LGBT family and neighbors.

HRC advertisement running in Mississippi

The Charisma piece concludes:

“AFA will not be fooled by this campaign to
normalize homosexuality in the southern states,” Wildmon adds. “And we
hope others won’t be fooled either. The ads are deceptive and meant to
mislead. It’s never OK to bully, harass or physically assault homosexual
individuals. These ads tell outright lies claiming Bible-believers
favor such hateful and violent practices. When you have to lie to make
your case, it’s a clear indication your case is devoid of truth.”

I still don’t know what the “lie” is. The biggest whopper might be that Wildmon actually watched and understood the advertisement that he finds so objectionable.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.