Ireland Landscape

The anti-gay National Organization for Marriage is seeking a reason to continue to exist. Therefore, they are meddling in the politics of Ireland. On May 22, voters in the Republic of Ireland are holding the world’s first national referendum on legalizing same-sex marriage. According to the BBC “opinion polls suggest 78% of people are in favour of altering the constitution to allow gay couples to marry. But former Equality Minister and government Chief Whip Pat Carey believes the final result will be much closer.”

From their world headquarters NOM’s president, Brian Brown, is asking supporters in the United States to do four things:

  1. Visit their campaign site and support them at
  2. Visit their Facebook page and join them in defending marriage.
  3. Visit their Youtube page and like their videos.
  4. Share this mail with your friends and encourage them to follow your example!

Just imagine if a foreign group got involved in a United States controversy. It’s bad enough that the Vatican displays stupendous arrogance when it comes to our domestic affairs. I suspect that this will be met with resentment even though Brown’s four requests seem generally irrelevant to the outcome.

Big surprise, Catholic bishops and “family rights“ campaigners argue that a Yes vote would encroach on religious beliefs and have implications for the welfare of children.

This all feels eerily familiar. According to that website they are manufacturing “victims” just like they do here. I cannot imagine why.

Already a small printing company in County Louth has been threatened with legal action for turning down a civil partnership printing job.

In Northern Ireland, a Protestant baker is being prosecuted for refusing to decorate a cake with a gay marriage slogan. In Dublin, the owner of a small stationery shop was forced to sell his business because he refused to put a cake decoration, showing two grooms, in his display.

If the referendum passes the chances of businesses being successfully sued for exercising their freedom to choose how they provide their services increases significantly. Small business owners may be especially vulnerable.

It’s the same old shit with a brogue.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.