Thomas Peters, master of rhetoric in his own mind, beseeches “Ask Them, Do Catholic Lives Matter?” I don’t know who “them” is but I am familiar with Mr. Peters. Before he dived from a perch too high into water too shallow, Peters was Director of Communications for National Organization for Marriage. He was a rude little demagogue who would simply hang up the telephone on any reporter who dared to ask a tough question. In Peters’ mind he was ordained by God to prevent gays from marrying.

With the utmost self-pity Peters writes:

Our new overlords are making it very clear what the terms of our surrender will be.

Quickly it is becoming “illegitimate” for Catholics even to defend our beliefs and rights in the public square.

When pew-sitting Catholics in San Fransisco , who have had their shepherd, their church and their reputations slimed for months by professional hired goons like Sam Singer, came together to host a picnic – a picnic! – for their bishop, the local intelligentsia sneered that they should “back off” and “give it a rest”.

That “professional hired goon,” Sam Singer — a public relations consultant, is the object of Peters’ scorn because he dares to work for a group of devout Catholics who are unsettled by the tactics of SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. Those folks have the audacity to disagree with Peters, a fundamentalist Catholic, on the direction of the Church and its schools.

I’ll remind Peters that Archbishop Cordileone issued new morality clauses banning teachers in the diocese’s schools from public displays of support for homosexuality and other (ambiguous) “sinful acts.” Furthermore, Cordileone disingenuously described the teachers as “ministers” in order to circumvent any possible actions for wrongful termination. Presumably their professional, Frank Schubert, who claims that gay people pose a threat to children, is not a “hired goon.” I would disagree.

What is “illegitimate” is not the professed views of conservative Catholics but the specious arguments that people like Peters make. The “local intelligentsia” that Mr. Peters cites is C.W. Nevius who is usually a sports reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Unfortunately the teaser of the piece (all that is available to non-subscribers) that Mr. Peters refers to does not provide context.

Peters’ pathetic polemic continues:

Now websites like GoFundMe are blocking Christians from asking for funds to support themselves when their livelihoods are threatened or lost due to their support of marriage.

Untrue. Christians are perfectly welcome at GoFundMe. The company prohibits campaigns defending discriminatory acts as well as campaigns defending violations of the law.

The bottomless pit of persecution continues:

There are myriads of powerful individuals in America, such as the 100 “prominent Catholics” who took the ad out against Abp. Cordileone, who believe it is illegitimate for Catholics to adhere to Catholic teaching on marriage, family and life.

Untrue. Their concern was limited to the “loyalty oath.” This is San Francisco after all and, without a doubt, there are gay teachers and gay administrators in the system who are doing a fine job. Straight employees, no matter how devout, are likely to have gay friends. These school employees should not be subject to the whims of a prelate having nothing to do with their job performance. They weren’t hired as clergy.

After going to the Thomas More well and indulging in some other fluff, Church Lady concludes:

So I think we need to start asking those in power who now claim it is illegitimate for Catholics to adhere to our beliefs about marriage, do they think Catholic lives matter?

Or do they simply deny our right to live in accordance with our beliefs?

I think asking them “Do Catholic lives matter?” is a simple and straightforward way to make what is at stake abundantly clear.

Catholic. Lives. Matter.

Self-serving rubbish. You would think that society is asking Mr. Peters to conform to a set of beliefs. Nobody is denying Mr. Peters the right to believe as he chooses and to “live in accordance with [those] beliefs.” There is a certain irony to the fact that this unseen and amorphous hand of perpetual doom resides exclusively in Mr. Peters’ head. Were he introspective it might reveal something to him.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.