National Organization for Marriage

In a blog post dated yesterday (but actually published today) National Organization for Marriage reveals its utter bigotry towards transgender people. It’s worth noting that fundamentalist Catholics do not seem to believe that transgender people even exist. They are just confused individuals. The post titled “If for No Other Reason, Protect the Family for the Sake of the Children,” is not attributed to a specific author.

Part of this post is based on a piece on the Heritage blog, Daily Signal, by Denise Shick. Shick, who claims to have been raised by a transgender father, campaigns against adoption by transgender individuals. A NOM staffer did write the opening paragraph of this rubbish. Furthermore, the publishing delay on a group of posts suggests that they were subject to editorial approval by someone higher up in the organization. The disdain for transgender citizens is unmistakable:

The media is awash with stories promoting transgenderism, touting celebrities like Bruce Jenner as being “heroic” and featuring transgender characters in several television series. But do reality shows actually depict the reality of what happens to children and families when a man denies his innate maleness or a woman denies her innate femaleness, and attempt to trick nature and “change” their gender to suit what they say is their “identity?” Denise Shick was raised by a “transgender” father, and the reality of her experience bears no resemblance to what is being pushed by Hollywood as heroic and healthy.

No one is “promoting” anything. Nor is anyone “touting celebrities.” Transgender people do not deny their innate gender. It’s actually just the opposite. The notion that a transgender individual is attempting to “trick nature” is a form of bigotry which denies the reality. The way that this paragraph is written one would think that we are talking about dyed hair. Something frivolous. As for Ms. Shick, she had crappy parents. I am quite certain that I could find many people to write “I was raised by fundamentalist Catholic parents and it sucked.” What would we infer?

While the imbeciles at NOM have never won a contest they are still quite capable of offending others.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.